Planting process of Shande organic rices
2016-06-28 From: Virtues Fine Rice
Planting process of Shande organic rices


 1. Soil preparation

To ensure the organics of rices, undeveloped and unpolluted saline-alkali lands are selected for planting and to improve these lands into cultivated farmland, we have done more preparation works than other farms: We mixed FGD gypsum, organic fertilizers, humus acid and valid bacteria into soils to improve them. Then, water is added into fields to wash away salt and alkali. Later, level the land to make it suitable for planting. Because this land has never been cultivated, vehicles and people are easy to be struck in land during leveling, which increased difficulties of leveling.


2. Raising rice seedlings

Staff working for Shande Rice have set up Seedlings Cultivating Tents. They selected Daohuaxiang No.2 and Jihong No.6 and so on,to plant in it and whole-day control as well as scientific detection are used to ensure the organics in the growing process of rice seedlings. Only after 40-45 days’ care, can they be planted in fields.


3. Transplanting rice seedlings

In May to June, various machines and tools will be used to turn up the soil to prepare the most suitable breeding ground for rice seedlings that will be planted. Also, many farmers will be employed. On newly developed lands, the root system of soil has not formed, so farmers are easy to be stuck in the soil during transplanting, which will increase difficulties of transplanting. As a result, a man can only finish transplanting about 1mu in a sunny day.


4. Manual weeding

For the reason that chemicals as well as heavy metals in weed killers will penetrate into rices, Shande Rice have been persisting in the most primitive, harmless but expensive means of weeding, for only these can ensure the organics of rices!


5. Applying organic fertilizers

Organic base fertilizers used for Shande rices screen chicken and sheep manures that carry no heavy metals or hazardous substances. Also, organic bacteria are added in them to make them become more fertile. Moreover, organic biotechnological nutritional agents like leaf fertilizers are sprayed to improve the resistance as well as the ability to resist insects of rice seedlings!


6. Growing up of rice as well as its monitoring

Many whole-day real-time monitoring systems are installed in our vast fields and with efficient monitoring and detection system, every Shande rice that has sold out can be traced back. These all have been done to keep the healthy growth of every rice seedling.


7. Harvest after the maturity of rices

Due to the base’s location in northeast China as well as our persistence in planting them with organic means, Shande rice can be harvested once a year and its yield is limited. For this reason, every harvest is a delight. It is the most happy thing for every Shande people to harvest these rices after seven-month efforts.


With our responsibility in mind, Shande Rice hopes to deliver its rices to everyone in the world.

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